Online Shop Policies

Online Shop Policies

Use of Products purchased on this website:

We make every effort to sell quality products on this website. We do not warrant the quality of any product after use, and on the most part, if the product is used in a proper sense, the product will serve its normal and intended purpose for a reasonable time.

To read our warranty:

Contacting Us

We want to make sure we are accessible to all our customers. Whether you have any questions, comments or wish to place an order, email works best. Just email us to & we will make every effort to answer your email within the shortest time.


Copyright laws protect all our designs and content. It is unlawful for any party to duplicate, replicate, distribute, publish, print, or reproduce any of our designs or content without our prior written consent.

Payments by Paypal only

We do not do other forms of payment.

Damaged Items:

If you think that you received a damaged item, click here to view our warranty.

Email Confirmation

Once we receive your order, we will reply with an email confirmation, outlining your order, total amount, shipping and handling (if any), and delivery method. You can always contact us via email if you have any questions during this process.


Click here to view our warranty.


We make it a point to prevent and avoid on-line fraud, especially in regards to the use of credit cards. We do try our best to take measures that make your credit card transaction with us private and secure. We record all IP addresses to track users. If you feel like you are a victim of credit card fraud (if someone has wrongfully used your card to purchase from us), please contact us immediately, as we will assist you to fix the problem.

Licensed Company

We are a licensed company. We are a legitimate business.

Mailing Address

Make sure you provide an accurate mailing address, indicating the apartment or house number, street name, city, state, country, and zip code. Orders delayed or lost due to you providing us with the wrong address are not our responsibility.

Order Cancellations

In the event a customer wishes to cancel an existing order, there may or may not be a cancellation fee.

– If the payment is not paid, the order is still pending, there is no cancellation fee chargeable.

– If the order has been received and the payment has been processed by Paypal, then a service fee will be deducted;  This fee will be 25% of total amount charged and refunded, with a minimum $25.00 which will be deducted from the refund amount. This fee covers the additional manpower & costs we incur when we charge and then credit a cancelled order.

– If an order has been processed and packed to ship, it may not be possible to cancel that order.

– If an order has been shipped then ALL return fees will be at the customer’s expense.


We pack and mail orders in the best way we see fit. Our packing ensures that the order will arrive to you in good condition. We are not responsible for torn and damaged packing, and not responsible if damaged packing causes the order contents to be damaged. Click here to view our warranty


Our current prices are mentioned for each product on our website. prices are subject to change without notice. There shall be no dispute on prices, as we have clearly mentioned them on our website.


Any or all of the personal info you share with us is private and we will not share it with anyone else. It only serves for the sole purpose of processing your order.


Click here to view our warranty

Shipping and Handling

We ship most items using USPS Priority Mail and our Shipping and Handling costs are clearly mentioned on our website. We are not responsible for any delays caused by our shipper.

Wrong Orders

Click here to view our warranty

Thank You